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Palmerston Road bridge works

Network Rail has announced that the major scheme of works required on the Palmerston Road bridge will begin tomorrow (3 April) with a three week closure of the bridge.

The road bridge over the railway at Palmerston Road is being replaced in August and September and this initial stage of works will allow the erection and installation of a temporary pedestrian and service bridge in advance of the main reconstruction works. The closure will also allow some preliminary works in advance of diverting services to a temporary bridge.

The Council is working to ensure that Network Rail advance their programme of works as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately these works are essential and unavoidable and involve a great deal of complication, with Network Rail needing to divert 16 services from 5 different utility firms well in advance of the major works this summer.

However, the Council has stressed to Network Rail that this should not be an excuse for the works taking any longer than they absolutely have to. Progress will be monitored carefully and the Council has said it will ensure that Network Rail keep residents fully abreast of developments.

Palmerston Road will be closed to all vehicles between Mission Grove and Somers Road from 3 April until 25 April. Vehicular access will still be possible to all other parts of Palmerston Road and a through route for pedestrians will be maintained at all times.

During this period the foundations for the temporary service bridge will be installed and the bridge will be constructed on the roadway. Once constructed the temporary bridge will be lifted into position using a crane sited at the junction of Somers Road and Palmerston Road during a weekend when no trains are running.

The bridge will be closed again in May for the duration of the works to allow the service diversions. Pedestrian and cycle access will be maintained throughout the works and local residents are being written to by Network Rail with further details, as well as warning signs being put up on Palmerston Road in advance of the works.

Network Rail have set up a 24 Hour Helpline – 08457 11 41 41 – that residents can phone if they have any concerns or questions related to the works.

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