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Last chance for your say on air quality scheme

Residents living along the Selborne Road area of Walthamstow have been written to by Waltham Forest Council for comments and suggestions on the proposals being put forward as part of the Selborne Road Air Quality Improvement Scheme.

The Council has secured funding from Transport for London and The Mayor’s Air Quality Fund to improve conditions in the Selborne Road area and has sought the views of local residents in advance of improvements planned to be carried out this autumn.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, said, “Selborne Road is a popular traffic route and has been identified as one of the key borough roads for air quality improvement.

“This scheme will help alleviate many of the air quality issues, but obviously we want to be sure that the measures make sense to the people who live there and use the road regularly.”

Proposals for the scheme include installing a living ‘Green Wall’, constructing a ‘Green’ buffer between Selborne Road and the footway, and the relocation of bus stops nearer to the main entrance of The Mall. Additional improvements would also include the removal of the centre hatching to reduce vehicle speeds and the upgrading of the traffic signals at the Willow Walk junction.

“Some of the proposals will work in tandem with the infrastructure improvements we are looking to introduce as part of the ‘Mini-Holland’ initiative to make the borough a more cycle-friendly and safer place to ride a bike,” said Cllr Loakes. “Introducing traffic calming measures at the main pedestrian and cycle crossing points and putting in a segregated cycle path on the southern side of Selborne Road, for example.”

The Council received £30million of funding from the Mayor of London for the ‘Mini-Holland’ scheme earlier this year for improvements that will make the borough a better place to cycle.

The closing date for responses to the consultation is 5 September. If you would like to comment on the Selborne Road Air Quality Improvement Scheme and have not received a leaflet through your door, make sure you get in touch by email at or by post to Freepost Plus RSAS-BKTL-GGGA, Project Development, Waltham Forest Council, Low Hall Depot, Argall Avenue, E10 7AS.

Please provide your name and address so we can relate your response to where you live when supplying your comments. Additional information, including detailed plans of the proposals, is available at – use the search function to find ‘traffic schemes’ or phone 020 8496 3000.

If you would like more information about any of these press releases or have a different media enquiry please contact us at or on 020 8496 4521 / 4802.

For out of hours please email or call 07966 915 157.