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Council action leads to another bed in shed demolition

A woman who had a so-called ‘bed in shed’ property constructed in her back garden that she rented out for people to live in was hit with a double prosecution last month brought by Waltham Forest Council.

Evidence was gathered that indicated the property – an unauthorised outbuilding used for residential purposes – had been occupied by more than one individual.

As a result the Council brought prosecutions against the owner both in relation to a breach of a Planning Enforcement Order and failing to comply with a Prohibition order under the Housing Act 2004.

Both cases were heard at Thames Magistrates Court on 7 February and both attracted fines of £500. In addition to the £1,000 in fines, Mrs Ghazala Bostan, 36, of 47 Harold Road, Leytonstone was also ordered to pay costs of £843.98 and £1,020 respectively.

The defendant assured the court she was having the structure demolished and on a visit to the property soon after the case was heard Council officers were able to witness that works were well underway. The Council will revisit to confirm that the whole of the building has been removed.

The prosecutions not only send out a message to unscrupulous landlords looking to rent out entirely unsuitable buildings for habitation, but they also show that the Council Planning Enforcement and Housing teams will work together where appropriate to bring the full force of the law to bear.PHOTOS: Before and after – the ‘bed in shed’ property the Council took action against and the part demolished structure following the court ruling.

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