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Banned breed dogs targeted

Waltham Forest is the only Council in London that actively enforces the Dangerous Dogs Act. That means it takes proactive steps to identify and control dangerous banned breed dogs in the borough.

“Protecting the residents of the borough from vicious dog attacks, the likes of which we have all heard about on the news, is of great importance to the Council,” said Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment.

“Not only do dangerous dogs present a risk to our residents, but there are also examples of pets being savaged by banned breed dogs in the borough. It is simply not something we are just going to sit back and accept. Our Dog Enforcement Team is one of the largest in the capital and it is out and about actively tracking down irresponsible owners and holding them to account.”

This was illustrated last week when a case was heard at Thames Magistrates on 4 July. The Council presented evidence that a registered banned breed dog was seized in Lloyd Park in Walthamstow on 16 May.

The dog was found to be off the lead, not wearing a muzzle and having no valid third party insurance in place – all conditions imposed by the courts back in 2012 when the dog was registered by the Dog Enforcement Team.

The Magistrates ordered that the dog be destroyed under a contingent destruction order and both owners were given a conditional discharge for three months and ordered to pay costs of £750 by 18 July.

Last month the Dog Enforcement Team also executed warrants at a number of properties in the borough. On 25 June two dangerous dog warrants were executed early in the morning with police in Queens Road, Walthamstow and Chingford Road, Walthamstow.

Intelligence gathered by the Dog Enforcement Team of banned breed dogs living at the addresses proved reliable, with two dangerous dogs seized. The dogs are now in the care of the Council while prosecutions are commenced against the owners for various offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Another warrant was executed early in the morning of 4 June at Monoux Grove, Walthamstow in relation to a banned breed dog living at the address. This was in response to complaints received from concerned members of the public regarding the dog’s aggressive behaviour.

A banned breed dog was discovered at the address and seized by the Dog Enforcement Team. Two people were arrested at the scene for assault on police and preventing officers from seizing the dog, which again is now in the care of the Council while prosecutions are commenced against the owners.

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