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Hitchcock High Road

Perhaps the most iconic film Alfred Hitchcock ever made has been paid homage to by Waltham Forest Council as part of their £9million investment in local high streets, with a mural of The Birds on Leytonstone High Road.


Leytonstone’s best known son has been commemorated at the place of his birth with a huge mural of birds in tribute to his classic 1963 film. The striking images have been painted on the building directly next to the plot where the great film director was born.


Not only do a flock of birds adorn the building, but Tippi Hedren (star of the film) is also painted cowering from them as she teeters on a telephone cabling box that stands on the pavement next to the building.


In another nice twist, Hitchcock’s famous profile is depicted in the eye of the largest bird. The mural sits next to where Hitchcock was raised and his father owned a greengrocer’s. It is now a petrol station, but a blue plaque bears testament to its one-time famous resident at 517 Leytonstone High Road.


“It’s great to be able to pay tribute to Alfred Hitchcock in such a striking and innovative way that really adds something to the High Road,” said Chris Robbins, Leader of Waltham Forest Council.


“The borough is very proud of its heritage and association with Hitchcock and so it is fitting we commemorate him here where he was born and grew up. We’ve put a lot of resource into improving our high streets and this is just one of the measures that will help give the area a boost.”


Two years ago the Council was recognised with a London Planning Award for the transformational work it carried out to Leyton High Road and has since carried out similar works in nine other High Street areas across Waltham Forest.


“We’ve worked hard with individual businesses to make their shop fronts and those of their neighbours more consistent and attractive. But we have also looked to make broader enhancements to buildings and parades of shops, in ways such as commissioning artists to brighten up the look and feel.”


The scheme has been led by Jan Kattein Architects, with the Hitchcock illustration by Anna Mill and the facade painting carried out by Mateusz Odrobny from MJO Signwriting.


The mural is just part of a range of improvements along Leytonstone High Road where £283,000 has been spent on five key sites that include new signage, decorations and brick cleaning. Paving slabs near the junction with Lynn Road are also adorned with birds set into the pavement.




  1. The Birds mural on Leytonstone High Road in homage to Hitchcock’s 1963 classic film.

  2. Tippi Hedren skips over a telephone cable box to escape the birds.

  3. Hitchcock makes one of his famous cameos showing off his iconic profile in the eye of a bird.

  4. The paving slabs on Leytonstone High Road at Lynn Road that are adorned with birds.

  5. The blue plaque on the Jet petrol station that now inhabits the site of Hitchcock’s birth at 517 Leytonstone High Road.

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