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Spick and span Spring Clean

Waltham Forest is clean and blooming thanks to the hard work and dedication of residents who turned up in their droves over the weekend of 22 and 23 March for the fourth annual Spring Clean.

The Council initiative looks to tap into the goodwill of groups up and down the borough and helps organise them into teams that can spruce up the borough in a variety of different ways.

From litter-picking to painting, cleaning to pruning, and planting bulbs to removing graffiti, the Council do their bit to make sure all the equipment and raw materials are available for willing volunteers.

“This is a success story that we have managed to build on year after year,” explained Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment. “Every Spring we ask residents to spare a few hours over a weekend to help tidy up their neighbourhoods.

“By supplying all the bulbs, litter picking equipment, rubbish bags etc. we can set up residents in different groups to carry out particular tasks and then our officers can collect the rubbish and take it away for recycling and disposal.”

Schools, Residents Associations, faith groups and many other groups regularly take part in the scheme, with around 40 different events all over the borough this year.

In all 5,000 daffodil and tulips bulbs were planted and 11 tonnes of waste was collected. As much of that waste as possible will be recycled, but either way it is now no longer clogging up the open space, flowerbeds and pavements of the borough thanks to the volunteers that took part.

Some of the school children that joined in this year were from Davies Lane School that overlooks Wansted Flats. The range of rubbish they were able to collect – or at least point out to Council officers to dispose of – included barbed wire, electrical equipment and even a broken safe!

“It goes without saying a huge thanks goes out to all the residents that contributed their time to help make the borough a cleaner place,” said Cllr Loakes.

“As a Council we invest a great deal in keeping the borough clean. It is one of our key priorities and we continue to put a lot of resource into protecting our environment because we know how important it is to residents.

“This is no more clearly illustrated than on Spring Clean weekend when every year we see residents sacrificing time when they could well be doing something else to help lend a hand.”PHOTO: Cllr Loakes with children from Davies Lane School helping to clean up around Wansted Flats.

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