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Penalty parker hits the road

A man penalised for illegally parking by having his car removed from the highway and placed onto a tow truck in Walthamstow decided to take matters into his own hands and hit the road – with quite a thud!

In a video filmed by Waltham Forest Council’s parking enforcement contractors (NSL), the man is seen climbing onto the back of the truck that his car had been lifted onto.

Before the contractors were able to secure the vehicle and take it to their pound the man casually enters the car and without being able to see what is on the road behind the truck, he simply reverses at speed crashing the vehicle onto the road.

“When you see the video you can’t help being shocked by his actions,” said Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment. “The man had an utter disregard for anyone on the street and what he did was extremely dangerous.

“You can see kids and other members of the public milling around in the foreground of the video and thank goodness none of them were in the immediate vicinity or he could have killed someone.”

The fruitlessness of his action is highlighted by the almighty crash that naturally occurs as he propels his car backwards off the truck. The drop of around three foot to the ground surely damages the vehicle, but this does not seem to matter to the driver.

The incident occurred at around 8am on Hazelwood Road, Walthamstow and the matter was reported to the police by NSL and a crime reference obtained.

Video: To watch the 23 second video of the reckless driver taking the plunge go to:


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