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Scary spice

A routine inspection of Indian takeaway Spice E4 located at 487 Hale End Road, Chingford, revealed filthy conditions, live and dead cockroaches on the premises, and the building in a poor state of repair on 16 September.

Immediately following the inspection by Waltham Forest Council’s Environmental Health Officers the business was closed by use of a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice served, citing the fact that an imminent risk to health was established.

The inspector noted that live ‘German’ cockroaches were found across the business; in the kitchen and store room, with several dead and live cockroaches found in the cellophane dispenser. Cockroaches could easily access food preparation worktops, some of which held open containers of food, and dead cockroaches were littered throughout the business.

Filthy conditions were also found throughout the business with floors, walls, units and equipment encrusted in long term deposits of grease and food waste. Poor structural repairs such as holes in walls and lino flooring coming away provided easy access and harbourage to cockroaches.

“It goes without saying that what our inspectors found at this business was truly horrendous,” said Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment.

“It’s inconceivable that the restaurant employees were not aware of the problems highlighted and yet rather than doing anything meaningful to address the problems, they simply carried on cooking food in filthy conditions crawling with cockroaches.

“The lack of any respect for their customers is scary and we will do everything we can as a Council to make sure they are held to account. I hope any other businesses in the borough showing a similar lack of regard pay attention and clean up their acts. Our residents deserve better.”

Cockroaches can carry food poisoning pathogens such as Salmonella and E-coli as they can access waste, toilets and sewers and then physically distribute germs onto food or food preparation surfaces, utensils and equipment.

The Council’s Environmental Health Officers attended Stratford Magistrates on 18 September to gain a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order that will ensure the business will remain closed until the imminent risk to health has been removed. At the hearing the court also ordered the business to pay Waltham Forest Council £569 in costs.


  1. Live cockroaches can be seen crawling amongst the filth that littered the kitchen floor.

  2. The takeaway from the outside – what was inside was less appealing!

  3. A filthy blender.

  4. The grease behind the cooker.

  5. The filth encrusted floor.

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