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New development in Housing Zone

Last month the Mayor of London notified Waltham Forest Council that their proposal to create a new Housing Zone in the Blackhorse Lane area had been successful. This month a significant new development has been announced that will bring new homes and a new Doctors’ Surgery.

The development in Sutherland Road is the latest phase of the Papermill Place complex that has so far seen 326 homes built by East Thames. Planning Permission has been granted for a further 59 residential units, with a mixture of one, two and three bedroom flats and three bedroom houses built in four blocks.

The development will include 16 affordable homes for rent and 43 homes available for shared ownership; this will replace derelict industrial units currently occupying a site on Sutherland Road at the corner of St Andrews Road.

As part of the planning agreement with the Council, East Thames will also build a brand new Doctors’ Surgery to replace the current facility on Sinnott Road. Managing Partner of the Surgery, Joy Glasgow, said, “We’re currently housed in a cramped end of terrace house that we have simply outgrown.

“Our list has increased over the last year and the building is just not fit for purpose. We needed new premises to cope with present and future patients and to overcome issues such as poor disabled access and facilities.

“The new premises will be a £1million purpose-built Health Centre that will enable us to develop our services such as accommodating Community Maternity Services and expand our workforce to match.”

East Thames Director of Development, Sales and Asset Management, Trevor Burns, said, "We’re very excited about being able to start work on the next phase of Papermill Place. East Thames has been working with Waltham Forest Council to develop plans that will create modern, high quality homes for the area, and also improve the healthcare offer for local residents through a new doctors’ surgery.”

The new Housing Zone will allow the Council to accelerate the delivery of new homes in the area, with the appropriate infrastructure to support new residents. Over £200million of investment has been secured from developers for new building in the zone, creating the opportunity to enhance the diverse character of Blackhorse Lane.

Demolition of the industrial units currently occupying a site is underway and building works for the new development are expected to begin in July 2015, with the first residents likely to move in around March 2017.

PHOTO: The derelict industrial units on the corner of St Andrews Road and Sutherland Road that will be replaced by the new development.


Details from East Thames Group: East Thames Group is a housing association and social regeneration charity with more than 35 years’ experience. We are one of the largest housing associations operating in east London and Essex, and we own and manage more than 14,000 homes. As well as building new affordable homes, East Thames also offers care and support services and runs a range of programmes to get unemployed people back into work, create better neighbourhoods, and bring communities together. In addition to this we are an equal owner of Triathlon Homes, a joint venture with Southern Housing Group and First Base, established to own and manage the 1,379 affordable homes on East Village, formerly the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic athlete’s village. Our mission is to make a positive difference and we’re totally committed to our patch in east London and Essex.

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