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Waltham Forest Council - statement 30 Nov 2015

A Council spokesperson said: 

“Back in July, a local school responded to a Freedom of Information request, which asked for emailed correspondence between the school and the Council in relation to the BRIT Project. Because one of the emails contained one child’s full name and the first names of other children, this information was clearly blocked out in the response issued by the school.

“However, we now understand that the information sent out has since been unblocked by a third party to reveal the blocked-out names. Someone has then used their own methods to obtain all of the children’s full names, rather than alert the school or the Council that there was a problem with the information released.

“On behalf of the school, the Council has taken legal steps to secure all copies of the information. The school has informed the families affected of the action that the Council is taking on its behalf, and that the Council has launched a full investigation.”

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