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Knock it down – bed in shed must be demolished

A landlord who appealed against a Waltham Forest Council Enforcement Notice that demanded her ‘bed in shed’ outbuilding be torn down was on the losing end of a national Planning Inspectorate decision earlier this week.

Ms Abida Shafique, who owns a property in Liverpool Road, Leyton where the offending building was spotted by the Council’s Planning Enforcement Team, sought to ride roughshod over planning rules by erecting an unauthorised outbuilding used for residential accommodation without planning permission.

On 4 December 2013 Council officers issued an Enforcement Notice compelling Ms Shafique to stop using the outbuilding as residential accommodation, remove all items associated with the residential use including the bed, wardrobe and drawers, and demolish the outbuilding and remove all resulting material from the site.

However Ms Shafique was not prepared to accept the notice and appealed the decision to the national Planning Inspectorate. In a report dated 12 January 2015 the Inspector dismissed the appeal and upheld the Enforcement Notice, stating, “The development does not comply with the development plan, including policy CS13 of the Core Strategy.

“It has an unacceptable impact upon the living conditions of occupiers of the host dwelling and neighbouring properties by reason of loss of outlook and the provision of private amenity space. The alleged use in such close proximity to the host dwelling and its neighbours is likely to cause noise and disturbance through the comings and goings of occupiers.”

With the Enforcement Notice upheld, Ms Shafique now has three months to comply with the requirements and knock the structure down. Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, said, “Yet again a landlord who thought they were above the rules and regulations that apply to all of us has come a cropper thanks to the hard work and diligence of our officers.

“We work hard to identify and eradicate so called ‘bed in shed’ outbuildings in this borough. Where we find them we will enforce and if necessary we will fight to see them torn down.

“The reality of these sorts of developments is that vulnerable residents are exploited and provided with shoddy and inappropriate accommodation and this Council will simply not stand for that.

“Let this be another in a series of warnings to rogue landlords that you are wasting your money by trying to sidestep planning permission.”

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