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Mouse infestation shuts store

A Walthamstow shopper who popped to his local store for a loaf of bread got home to discover that mice had gnawed the end of it. When Environmental Health Officers inspected the shop they found a significant infestation and shut it down.

The shopper complained about his purchase from Winns Store in Winns Avenue, Walthamstow to his local authority – Waltham Forest Council – which promptly sent out an Inspector from their Food and Safety team.

A very bad mouse infestation was discovered at the grocery shop and off licence, with the Inspector noting that as well as bread, the resident mice had gnawed through the packaging and eaten away the corner of a meat pie.

The mice had also shown a particular, albeit not unsurprising, penchant for crisps of the cheese variety. Bags of Quavers were found to have been a particular favourite!

“All jokes aside, vermin infiltrating food is not funny for those many local residents who trust this shopkeeper to provide them with food that has been stored in a safe and hygienic fashion,” said Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment.

“We all rely on the local shop to be able to drop into for a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. The idea of getting home to find that mice have nibbled the end of a loaf is truly horrible. The owner of this store should be wholly embarrassed and will be held to account for this shocking dereliction of duty.”

The Inspector also made the gruesome discovery of two mummified dead mice in the shop and droppings on packets of food and on shelving where food was stored. The shop was also found to be absolutely filthy, with a huge pile of rubbish in the rear yard.

The shop was closed by the Council Officer immediately after the inspection last week and the matter put before Stratford Magistrates’ Court on 21 January to obtain a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order.

The business owner, Mr Ramanan Thillainathan, will have to prove that the problems identified have been put right before the shop can reopen. He may then subsequently be subject to a prosecution brought by the Council.


  1. Winns Store in Walthamstow.

  2. Mouse droppings found in a box of gnawed Quavers.

  3. One of the dead mice found on the premises.

  4. The rubbish piled up at the back of the shop.

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