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Pretty Grubby Pub Grub

The Hare & Hounds pub on Lea Bridge Road in Leyton was closed by Waltham Forest Council’s Environmental Health Food Team on Tuesday 23 June, after a routine inspection led to serious concerns around hygiene.

Inspectors found the kitchen to be operating in filthy conditions, with dirty equipment and surfaces throughout. Mouldy food was found in the fridge and elsewhere including curry, bread and ice cream.

Other unwelcome discoveries included rancid raw meat, a roast leg of lamb with flies crawling all over it, and a saucepan containing the remains of food and a three-to-four inch layer of mould. Buffet food intended for a function the following day had been left out at room temperature.

Due to their serious concerns the inspector issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice (HEPN) and the premises was immediately closed.

“It’s unbelievable that this pub was continuing to prepare and serve food in such shocking conditions,” said Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment. “We have a duty to protect the public, and we simply will not tolerate businesses taking chances with people’s health. This is another example of the importance of our Environmental Health Food Team and the value of our inspection programme.”

A Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order was granted by Stratford Magistrates Court on 25 June, and the premises remains closed. The business owner has been informed of the work required before the premises can reopen.


1 – Decomposing chillies found on the premises

2 – Rancid meat found on the premises

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