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Tasty Chicken and Pizza – well the mice think so!

A fast food takeaway calling itself ‘Tasty Chicken and Pizza’ has certainly had their name endorsed by the local rodent population. However, Waltham Forest Council’s Food Safety Team was less complimentary and shut the place down after an inspection revealed a catalogue of gruesome discoveries.

The food outlet, located at 122 Hoe Street in Walthamstow, was promptly closed down by the Council inspector after her routine inspection on 25 March discovered a significant mouse infestation.

Mouse droppings were found on food containers and on shelving and behind equipment. Evidence that mice had gnawed through black bins bags of rubbish stored in the premises was also discovered.

In addition the premises was filthy throughout and in a very poor state of repair, with an open drain located in the food preparation room and walls that were covered in black mould.

Filthy cloths were used to clean and wipe down surfaces and there was mould growing in the microwave.

The Inspector also found that temperature control was very poor, with cooked chicken used for the pizza toppings stored at 15.5C. That was the average temperature in Rome yesterday!

The Council put the matter before Stratford Magistrates’ Court on 27 March in application for a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order. The Inspector said, “Magistrates took one look at the photographs and immediately agreed to sign the Order without asking me any questions”.

The premises will remain closed until both the structural repairs are carried out and the mouse infestation is treated. Waltham Forest Council’s Food Safety Team will ensure that the necessary works are carried out to their satisfaction.


  1. The closed business, Tasty Chicken and Pizza in Walthamstow.

  2. Rubbish bags gnawed by mice.

  3. Mould found growing in the microwave.

  4. Mouse droppings on a shelf.

  5. Filthy conditions inside the preparation area.

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