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New Neighbourhoods Teams

The way the Council delivers environmental services is changing with the creation of new Neighbourhoods Teams. These will manage all the services that make sure your street is safe, clean, green, and most of all loved.

The new Neighbourhoods Teams will look after services including street cleaning, waste and recycling, street trading, fly-tipping and other enviro-crimes, noise, planning enforcement, anti-social behaviour and more.

The Council understands that the cleanliness and quality of our streets continues to be one of the main concerns raised by residents and is a key issue influencing their everyday quality of life. It’s why it has put such an emphasis on encouraging residents to reduce, reuse and recycle whatever they can and why it has made tackling enviro-crime such a particular priority over recent years.

From hammering down flytipping by a third, to providing a free bulky waste service and fining people caught littering or spitting, Waltham Forest has been pushing policy changes and making innovative improvements year on year.

“We will of course continue to work hard to maintain the quality of those services, but we also need to go further,” said Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment. “We are evolving our service so that our residents not only help to keep the borough clean, but become more engaged in what’s happening in their neighbourhoods.”

The Council has created four new Neighbourhoods Teams, each with responsibility for a number of wards, and each ward with a dedicated officer. By placing officers at the heart of communities, they can help to make a real difference in maintaining standards and addressing issues.

“We want our residents to love where they live and take pride in their neighbourhoods, and our staff to work in partnership with them to ensure we play our part,” said Cllr Loakes. “By localising our staff and providing them with electronic equipment in the form of tablets, we can be more visible, more responsive, more approachable and more flexible.”

In order to help publicise the new service, the Council recently made a short film in Coronation Gardens, Leyton. The film shows a living room being assembled in the park from items that have been collected through the partnership the Council has with Forest Recycling.

“We’ve won awards for the ‘Furnishing the Future’ programme by diverting items away from being recycled or disposed of, to being reused,” said Cllr Loakes. “When a resident asks for a bulky waste collection, they are asked if the item might be reused.

“Items such as sofas or wardrobes often have plenty of life left in them, so by arranging for Forest Recycling to pick them up they can be found a new home. Many of the items in the film are just the sort of things found fly-tipped on our streets and yet they can all be either recycled or reused and picked up free of charge by our Bulky Waste Collection Service.”

To view the film visit the Council’s YouTube page at and for more information on the new service go to the Council’s website at

PHOTO: Councillor Clyde Loakes on the set of the film launched to promote the new Neighbourhoods Teams.

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