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Council Fly-tipping Crackdown Hots Up

Council Fly-tipping Crackdown Hots Up

New powers to crack down on fly-tippers are already being put to good use by Waltham Forest Council, with 34 fixed penalty notices (FPNs) and fines totalling over £13,500 dished out in just over a month.

Councils in England and Wales now have the power to issue FPNs carrying a fine of £400 to anyone caught fly-tipping, without having to resort to court action which can often be a more lengthy and costly process.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “We led the lobby of Parliament for the introduction of FPNs for fly-tipping, and we already putting this new power to good use. The majority of fly-tips are spur of the moment criminal acts, so it’s great to be able to punish those responsible on the spot.

The fine will allow us to cover collection and disposal costs for fly-tips, meaning that taxpayers will not be left footing the bill for someone else’s criminal actions. We’re also not taking the option to issue a lower fine for fly-tipping, so anyone we catch can expect to be hit for the full £400.”

Between 7 July and 9 August the Council issued 34 FPNs for fly-tipping across the borough, with fines totalling £13,600. If fines are not paid in time then the Council will take further action which could result in prosecution in court.

Waltham Forest Council is already leading the way in the fight against enviro-crime, and in particular fly-tipping. Last year it became one of the first Councils in London to utilise new powers allowing them to crush vehicles that had been seized as they had been used for fly-tipping.

The Council’s Neighbourhoods team carries out regular patrols for fly-tipping, and it will use all of the powers at its disposal, including CCTV footage and sharing intelligence with neighbouring boroughs, to track down and punish those responsible.

Residents can report fly-tipping and other enviro-crime offences by visiting

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