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Mini Holland High Court case

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, said in reaction to the publication of the High Court decision on 5 February 2016 (

“The publication of the decision is useful to help all those involved in the High Court case understand how the Judge came to his conclusions and why. I hope both those in favour of the Mini Holland scheme and those with reservations can reflect on the findings and recognise the lengths to which the Council went in order to communicate and consult with residents and businesses.

“Rest assured we will continue to ensure we go about talking to all those people affected by our proposed changes in the right way. While this judgement vindicates the past actions of the Council, I recognise that there have been lessons to learn from the way we have gone about things. The transformative nature of the Mini Holland programme is such that we are not just discussing changes to roads and town centres. The way people behave and choose to travel in the borough is fundamental to the success of the scheme and it is therefore vital that we continue to strive to maintain a full and frank dialogue in order to inform our continued delivery of the programme.

“Abiding by our legal obligations is of course essential and I hope the High Court decision reassures people in that regard. But Mini Holland is actually about the way people live their lives and how our borough changes over the coming years. How residents use our streets and how safe our children are on our roads. How we get to and from our local shops, our schools, where we work. This sort of reshaping exercise means that we must go further than our legal responsibilities and really engage with people so that we can be sure they understand what we are trying to do and why.”


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