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Clean Up for Lloyd Park Moat

The Moat in Lloyd Park, Walthamstow will be partially drained from this weekend so it can be cleaned ahead of bird nesting season. The work will be carried out by Waltham Forest Council to maintain the area and improve the quality of the water in the moat.

Special care will be taken to protect all the wildlife that lives in and around the moat, including a goose that was born with a condition known as angel wing. Nigel, as he has been named by regular visitors to the park, will remain at the park while work is taking place, and special care will be taken to ensure his safety.

The moat is experiencing issues with water quality partly due to uneaten white bread that has been used to feed the ducks and geese sinking to the bottom of the pool. Eating white bread is also bad for the birds’ health, and can cause them to develop the angel wing condition.

Visitors to Lloyd Park are reminded not to feed the birds with white bread, and to only use brown bread or seeds. Safe bird seed is available to buy from the café in Lloyd Park.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “The Moat at Lloyd Park is very popular with residents and visitors, so we want to make sure it is safe and clean to be enjoyed all year round. Please bear with us while the cleaning is taking place, and we’ll have it back to normal as soon as possible.”

The draining of the moat will start on Saturday 20 February and work will begin on Monday 22 February. The clean-up will take around 10 working days to complete.

There may be an odour coming from the moat while this work is taking place. The Council will have posters on-site notifying visitors of the cleaning work, and advance notice is being given to residents nearby.

The Council is aware that two terrapins have recently been released into the moat; these will be rehomed temporarily to protect them.  Any other wildlife discovered while work is taking place will be temporarily rehomed and reintroduced afterwards.

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