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Council gets tough on rogue landlords

Since the introduction of Waltham Forest Council’s Private Rented Property Licensing scheme last year, the Council has been working hard to help landlords understand the need to get a licence and comply with the licence conditions.

The scheme requires all properties that are privately rented in the borough to be licenced, with a separate licence required for each and every property. “We have worked hard to get the message out to landlords that they need to obtain licences for their properties,” explained Councillor Khevyn Limbajee, Cabinet Member for Housing.

“We even offered a half price Early Bird discount for a five year licence to those landlords that signed up before the middle of June and what we’ve found is that the vast majority have been quite willing to work with us and sign up their properties.

“With the discount, the cost worked out at less than a pound a week, so financially the scheme really doesn’t make a difference to their business. So far we have issued 15,000 licences and are processing a further 2,000 applications, which shows that decent, responsible landlords understand the need to sign up.”

With the scheme now well up and running the Council is now turning greater attention to enforcement action, with a series of operations to crackdown on rogue landlords trying to buck the system planned throughout the coming year.

Rogue landlords that are either refusing to apply for a licence or have no intention of meeting the conditions required to ensure their tenants are housed in appropriate conditions are being targeted as part of a campaign of enforcement.

Landlords found without a licence will be subject to enforcement action that could result in a prosecution and an unlimited fine. Once in possession of a licence, landlords that do not comply with the conditions of licence could also be subject to an unlimited fine.

If you are the landlord of a private rented property in the borough and have not yet got a licence, then you have been warned – the Council’s Private Rented Property Licensing team will be knocking on doors near you soon.

To apply for your licence go to As well as a link to the forms, there is also detail of the ‘required information’ and other details available.

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