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Cycle lanes and parking on Forest Road

Across the borough we have a wide selection of cycle lanes including ‘advisory’ cycle lanes, ‘mandatory’ cycle lanes, ‘semi-segregated’ cycle lanes, ‘fully-segregated’ cycle lanes and shared paths.

Each type of cycle lane offers a different level of protected and dedicated space to cycle as well as varying restrictions to parking, and there are different types because each road is different in terms of space, parking and bus lanes etc.

Currently on Forest Road we have a mixture of ‘advisory’ cycle lanes and shared paths, and there are a number of parking restrictions in place along the route. For example, on Forest Road there are advisory lanes and while these are not enforceable by law, the single yellow line that runs alongside it, is. This means vehicles cannot park there while the yellow line is operational but can outside of restricted hours.

We appreciate that this causes difficultly for people cycling in the borough and so as part of the Mini-Holland Programme we will improve cycling provision whilst looking at the loading, waiting and parking provision on Forest Road.

Plans for this route are still in the early design stages and we will conduct a full consultation with local residents later this year before work is agreed and carried out. Please visit for more information on the Mini-Holland Programme and the Forest Road scheme.

For parking restrictions in the borough please refer to local signage.


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