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First Spot Fine for Fly-Tipping Issued in Waltham Forest

A fly-tipper has received a short, sharp, shock in the form of a £400 fine after Waltham Forest Council exercised new enforcement powers for the first time.

Councils can now issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) carrying a fine of up to £400 for fly-tipping offences, which avoids the need for often lengthy and expensive court action.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “Having led the lobby of Parliament for these FPN powers for many years, I’m pleased we are now able to start using them to combat fly-tipping.  I’m sure this person got quite a shock when our officers knocked on their door, but that shows the lengths we will go to in order to track down and punish those responsible for fly-tipping.

“We know that a great many fly-tips are spur of the moment, irresponsible criminal acts, so it’s beneficial for us to be able to fine those responsible on the spot. The fine will allow us to cover collection and disposal costs for fly-tips, meaning that taxpayers will not be left footing the bill for someone else’s criminal actions.”

The fine was issued after three men were recorded on a CCTV camera dumping a sofa on Woodlands Road, Leytonstone. The camera had been installed by the Council’s Neighbourhoods team as the area has been a hotspot for fly-tipping activity in the past.

After obtaining some additional evidence from a witness, Neighbourhoods officers were able to identify where the suspects lived and paid a visit to the address to carry out an interview under caution. The officers were met by the same man shown in the CCTV footage, who admitted the offence and was issued with the £400 FPN.

The Council currently spends £1.5million a year clearing up fly-tipping, so there is a significant financial incentive to put an end to it.

“One of the things we invest in to discourage fly-tipping is our large item collection scheme,” added Cllr Loakes. “Unlike most London boroughs we continue to offer this service for free, so residents can arrange to have up to five large items such as furniture and white goods collected at a time.”

To book a large item collection or report fly-tipping visit

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