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City Airport decision is a kick in the teeth for Waltham Forest residents

Waltham Forest Council has reacted with disappointment to the Departments for Transport and Communities & Local Government joint decision to approve the expansion of London City Airport – a decision which will create amongst other things a noise nightmare for residents in the borough.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “This is an incredibly disappointing decision and a real kick in the teeth for Waltham Forest residents. We are already the third most overflown borough in London, and the increase of flights at City Airport by close to 50 per cent to 110,000 per year will bring yet more daily misery to our residents.”

Cllr Loakes has spearheaded the Waltham Forest Councils opposition to the expansion, and gave evidence to the inquiry on behalf of Waltham Forest residents back in March, where he strongly urged them to reject the expansion plans and put the concerns of local residents first.

The previous Mayor of London threw out the plans for expansion back in March 2015, however City Airport appealed to the Department for Communities and Local Government in an effort to preserve their business plan for increasing the number of take-offs and landings from the airport.

Last autumn the Council conducted a survey of residents on the impact that aircraft noise had on their daily lives. 81 per cent of responders were already disturbed by current levels of aircraft noise, 78 per cent said that their hearing or listening was disturbed, and 73 per cent said their sleep was disturbed.

Cllr Loakes continued: “This decision is particularly disappointing due to the complete lack of engagement and consultation from London City Airport with our residents. Our residents made it very clear that they do not want the airport expanded, and it’s a real shame that their views have been completely ignored.

“I’m calling on City Airport to provide some urgent clarification on how they plan to engage with Waltham Forest residents on their expansion plans going forward, as their failure to keep communities informed up to this point is completely unacceptable and an absolute disgrace.

"Waltham Forest Council will be reviewing the 182 page decision notice over the coming days and weeks in full and will be seeking advice on what further action it can take to protect its residents from this blight."

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