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Way Forward for Parking in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest Council has published details of its new parking plan, which will ensure that the borough continues to provide some of the best and highest levels of flexible town centre parking in London.

A number of changes have been made to the proposals in response to feedback received from residents and businesses during a consultation period that took place during March 2016.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “Our new parking plan will ensure that we offer some of the most relaxed and generous parking provision across London. We have listened to the concerns of residents and businesses who value being able to park in our town centres to visit shops and carry out other errands.

“The new plan is designed to respond to the parking challenges that some of our residents, businesses and visitors face when visiting our town centres while continuing to offer a service that gives good value for money. In talking to local businesses it is very clear that the free 15 minutes that this administration introduced some years ago has proved very popular indeed."

The new Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) will be considered by Cllr Loakes at a meeting on Thursday 23 June.

The Council will retain the 15 minutes of free parking that it offers in PayByPhone (voucher) bays across the borough. This is in addition to the Government’s own 10 minute grace period.

The Council also consulted on its proposals to add to this with a free one hour of parking between 1pm and 2pm in all cashless ‘pay by phone’ (voucher) on-street parking spaces throughout the borough.

Whilst most parking bays across London are enforced from 8am to 6.30pm, parking bays in Waltham Forest will continue to provide two hours of free parking in the morning from 8am to 10am, and over two hours of free parking in the early evening from 4pm to 6.30pm.

Cllr Loakes also reconfirmed Waltham Forest's intention to continue to provide 30 hours of free visitor parking permits to parents of new born babies and residents over the age of 60, who live in Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). Waltham Forest is the only London borough to offer this to its residents.

In response to feedback from residents and businesses the Council’s proposals also include reducing the planned price increase for paper towns centre visitor vouchers. The proposed new price for an hour voucher will be £2.40, not £2.50 as originally proposed, and the new price for a 30 minute voucher £1.25, not £1.35 as proposed previously.

A proposed ‘cut off point’ when the Council will stop providing paper visitor vouchers in town centre will now not be taken forward at this time. Instead the Council will ensure that appropriate support is provided to residents to start using the PayByPhone service, through its Assisted Digital Programme. For those residents who prefer not to use PayByPhone, the PayPoint service will continue to be available.

Following the consultation the Council also proposes to reduce the price increase for CPZ visitor permits, which will now cost 50p per hour, not 60p as previously proposed.

Cllr Loakes added: “Whether you are a resident, business or visitor to the borough we want you to be able to enjoy your time here. That’s why we have listened to feedback from residents and businesses and updated our proposals so that we continue to support our town centres."

Full details of the new TMOs will be published in Waltham Forest News and on the Council website.


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