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Have Your Say on Parking Plans

Residents and businesses will get the chance to have their say on Waltham Forest Council’s proposed new parking strategy when a new consultation launches on Monday 7 March.

The consultation includes a proposal to retain the ‘Pop and Shop’ 15 minutes of free parking in PayByPhone (voucher) bays across the borough. This was introduced by the Council a number of years ago in order to allow people to park for free in town centres for a short period of time.

This was compromised by the Government introducing its own 10 minute grace period which applies to all Councils regardless of local schemes they already have in place.

In response to this the Council is proposing to reduce its own period of free parking down to five minutes, which when topped up the Government’s 10 grace period means the ‘Pop and Shop’ 15 minutes of free parking remains in place.

Cllr Loakes said: “The beauty of the popular system we introduced is that it allows a high turnover of those shoppers who arrive in our town centres by car, and gives people enough time to pop into shops for a few staples. We have been keen to ensure that this is maintained.

“Residents will now have the opportunity to comment on the way forward and the new strategy, and the extended 28-day consultation period will ensure that everyone is able to have their say.”

The consultation will be open from Monday 7 March to Sunday 3 April. Full details will be available in the 7 March issue of Waltham Forest news, and online at

The consultation includes a number of other parking proposals, including introducing an additional free one hour of parking between 1pm and 2pm in all cashless ‘pay by phone’ (voucher) on-street parking spaces. There are also plans to modernise the way payments are made and continue the roll-out of the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) programme.

The Council is seeking to keep the cost of residents’ First Standard Permit within the lowest 30 per cent in London, and continue to give a free visitor booklet to new parents and residents aged over 60. The consultation also includes proposals for incentivising low emission vehicles and introducing a new school staff permit.

The results of the consultation will be reported at a Scrutiny meeting prior to the TMOs being finalised.

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