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Council Leader calls for FA and Football League action on Leyton Orient

The Leader of Waltham Forest Council, Chris Robbins, has written to both the Football Association (FA) and the English Football League (EFL) to ask them what they can do to help Leyton Orient survive, as the future of London’s second oldest football club remains in peril.

Earlier this month the High Court gave the current owners of Leyton Orient until 12 June to clear existing debts or find a new owner, meaning the club avoiding going into immediate administrations. However reports emerged at the end of last week that the club had been unable to pay some of its staff.

Council Leader Chris Robbins said: “The reports that Leyton Orient have not been able to pay some of their staff are incredibly worrying, as the situation is now affecting the lives of people who rely on the club to make a living.

“I wrote to the FA at the beginning of March to ask them what support they can give to the club and the fans at this time, and to discuss the wider implications to the local area if such an historic football club were to close. The FA informed me that it is the financial regulations and rules of the EFL that the club must adhere to, but they assured me that the EFL are working with Leyton Orient to address the current problems they are facing.

“In light of the latest developments I have written to the Chief Executive of the EFL to ask how they are planning to help Leyton Orient survive, particularly when its current problems are not of its own doing.

“I have also written again to the FA to ask them how they plan to deal with owners of football clubs who behave in what I can only describe as a reckless manner, and who threaten the very existence of some of the oldest sporting institutions in the country. I look forward to their response.

“Leyton Orient is a well-loved club that is very much part of the East London community, so I’m calling again on the owners to do the right thing by finding a new buyer for the club and ensuring that all of the club’s current financial commitments are met. The fans, players, and staff, deserve much better treatment than they are currently receiving, and we are fully behind the efforts being made by Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust (LOFT) to secure a brighter future.”

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