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Loft Conversion Scheme Helps Families in Overcrowded Homes

Waltham Forest Council is carrying out a series of loft conversions on council properties across the borough, which will help to beat overcrowding and prevent families from having to move away from their homes.

The loft conversion scheme has been introduced to assist families living in council homes that have been placed on the transfer list as they are living in overcrowded conditions.

Cllr Khevyn Limbajee, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “We understand that living in an overcrowded home can be difficult for families, especially as children get older. Waiting for a suitable larger property to become available can take some time, and it may mean families have to move to a different part of the borough, further away from schools and friends.

“With this in mind we have started a programme of loft conversions to give families the additional space they need without them having to leave their homes – they don’t even have to move while work is taking place. It’s one of the ways we are supporting local families while improving our housing stock.”

The Council have identified around 30 properties that are suitable for improvements as part of the programme. In order to be considered the property must be a house which is currently occupied by a family that is on the transfer list due to overcrowding, and it must be suitable for a conversion which would resolve all of the overcrowding needs. The improvements required must also be cost effective for the Council to deliver.

Residents are not being charged for the works, other than small increase in rent due to the upgrades being made to their properties. The Council is also carrying out insulation works on properties to help minimise any increase in heating bills.

Construction started in autumn 2016 and the first property improvements are due to complete in early 2017. Work on all properties will be completed within the next two years. 


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